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Research Area: Knowledge Governance


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  • Bannister, K., 2004. "Whose Rules? Equity in Research Involving Biodiversity and the Cultural Knowledge of Aboriginal Peoples." Paper presented at the Public Lecture Series in Applied Ethics. Vancouver: UBC Centre for Applied Ethics, October 7


  • McLay, E., K. Bannister, L. Joe, B. Thom, and G. Nicholas, 2003. Alhut te Sulhween "Respecting the Ancestors": The Hul'qumi'num Heritage Law Case Study. Report prepared for the Protection and Repatriation of First Nations Cultural Heritage Project.

  • Bannister, K., and M. M'Gonigle, 2003. "Plants, Knowledge, Power and Wealth: Ethnobotanical Insights through the Lens of Ecological Political Economy." Paper presented at the 26th Annual Conference of the Society of Ethnobiology, Seattle, Mar 26-28.

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  • Bannister, K., 2003. "Current IPR Issues in Research Involving Indigenous Knowledge." Paper presented at the Intellectual Property Workshop for Treaty Groups in British Columbia. Organised by Parks Canada, Heritage Canada and Industry Canada. Vancouver, March 10-11.


  • Bannister, K., 2002. "Community-University Research Collaborations: On Whose Terms?" Paper presented at University of California Davis Cross-Disciplinary Forum on Ecological Ethics, Davis, CA. April 2-4.

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