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Research Area: Collaborative Research and Learning


  • Vandergeest, P., K. Phanvilay, Y. Fujita, J. Fox, P. Hirsch, P. Van Estirik, C. Withayapak, and S. Tyler, 2003. "Flexible Networking in Research Capacity-Building at National University of Laos: Lessons for North-South Collaboration." Canadian Journal of Development Studies 24(1): 119-135.


  • Bannister, K., 2002. "Community-University Research Collaborations: On Whose Terms?" Paper presented at University of California Davis Cross-Disciplinary Forum on Ecological Ethics, Davis, CA. April 2-4.

  • Dobell, R., S. Boychuck, K. Bannister, A. Morgan, S. Harron and G. Schreiber, 2002. "The Clayoquot Alliance for Research, Education and Training" in A Decade of Change: Shaping the Future. Proceedings of the 10th Anniversary Conference of Coastal Communities. Port Alberni, BC: Coastal Community Network, 2002: 61-66.

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  • Barrett, K. and K. Bannister, 2001. "Taking Communities Seriously: A Role for Community Knowledge in Environmental Decision-making." Panel session as part of the Taking Nature Seriously: Citizens, Science and the Environment Conference, Eugene, Oregon. Feb 25-27.