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POLIS is the hub for a diversity of research projects that seek to identify the underlying legal, economic and social causes of ecological decline. Links to projects are included below.

Ecological Governance Now

Water Sustainability Project

Green Legal Theory

Chemainus Biodiversity Education Project

Biocultural Research Ethics

Information about past projects and initiatives is included under the respective Research Areas and through the following links:

Planetary University Project

Community-University Connections

Property Taskforce

Our projects are a means to develop sustainable alternatives to current policies, practices and legal/institutional arrangements, achieved by:

  • Studying models of ecosystem- and community-based innovation, and the institutions that support them;
  • Exploring sustainable new practices and processes that promote enhanced democratic participation and economic innovation;
  • Disseminating analyses to a wide range of audiences, through academic publications, reports, conferences, community spaces, and popular writing; and
  • Promoting innovation in policy and action by working with multiple constituencies.

Our overall research program has an ebb and flow of projects that depend on opportunities, capacity and priority areas at any given time. Some projects have defined beginning and end points, while others continue to emerge and evolve from previous projects.

Student Discussion at University House 4Student Discussion at University House 4

Page last updated: 09/26/2019