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Governance Structure of POLIS

The core ecological philosophy and democratic values underlying the POLIS vision and mission are manifested in our unique governance structure. At the hub of our organization are two Roundtables.
Our Faculty Advisory Roundtable is a committed group of UVic faculty members with expertise relevant to ecological governance who support and strengthen opportunities for POLIS to engage faculty and students in meaningful and concrete ways. In addition to providing advice, collaborating in projects and participating in POLIS initiatives, members of the Faculty Advisory Roundtable meet annually to review and make recommendations to Research Associates and staff on POLIS activities and programs. The Eco-Research Chair (Dr Michael M’Gonigle) provides POLIS’ key tenured faculty link with the University through the Faculty of Law and School of Environmental Studies, and has an important liaison role with the higher administration of the University in his capacity as Founder and Principle of POLIS.
A Roundtable of Research Associates is comprised of talented individuals with proven track records who collaborate with faculty to develop and head individual research projects and initiatives, supervise students and research assistants, and make consensus-based decisions on behalf of POLIS. Equal members of the Roundtable are the POLIS Co-Directors (Dr Kelly Bannister and Oliver Brandes) who have additional responsibilities to facilitate, catalyze and implement the work and decisions of the two Roundtables.
Two core staff positions at POLIS include Office Manager (Ann Zurbrigg) and Communications Director (Laura Brandes) who provide the organization with administrative, management, communications and other on-going support. A number of visiting researchers have established synergistic relationships with POLIS over the years and POLIS endeavours to create welcoming and productive spaces for those seeking to contribute to and benefit from being part of the POLIS and Centre for Global Studies community.

Page last updated: 02/03/2013