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Publications of Tyler, Stephen


  • Ambus, L., D. Davis-Case, and S. Tyler, 2007. "Big Expectations for Small Forest Tenures in British Columbia," BC Journal of Ecosystems and Management 8(2): 46-57. 

  • Tyler, S., L. Ambus, and D. Davis-Case, 2007. "Governance and Management of Small Forest Tenures in British Columbia," BC Journal of Ecosystems and Management 8(2): 68-79. 


  • Tyler, S. 2006. "Implementing Forest and Land Tenure Reforms in Asia: Lessons from Experience and Recommendations for the Future."  Summary of discussions at Policy-Practice Seminar, International Association for the Study of Common Property. Bali. June 19.

  • Tyler, S. 2006. "Learning from the Field: Applying Commons Theory in Practice." Paper presented to International Association for the Study of Common Property. Bali. June 23.

  • Tyler, S., (ed). 2006. Communities, Livelihoods and Natural Resources: Action Research and Policy Change in Asia. Ottawa: Intermediate Technology Publications/IDRC.

  • Tyler, S., 2006. Comanagement of Natural Resources: Local Learning to Reduce Poverty. Ottawa: IDRC.


  • Tyler, S., 2005. "Managing Beneath the Trees: Solving Problems in NTFP Management." Paper presented at The Future Beneath the Trees: International Conference on Non-Timber Forest Products. Held at Royal Roads University, Victoria, BC, August 26.

  • Tyler, S., 2005. "NTFP's in Asia: Big Markets, Small Enterprises." Paper presented at BC Wild Conference held at Royal Roads University, Victoria, B.C., August 29.

  • Tyler, S., 2005. "Participatory Research and Natural Resource Policy in Asia: Evidence from the Field." Paper presented to the International Symposium on Policy Research and Public Policy Schools in Asia. Held at the Institut Teknologi, Bandung, Indonesia, March 16-17.

  • Tyler, S., 2005. "Poverty Reduction, Land and Resource Management in Asia." Paper presented at CIDA Brown Bag, April 28.


  • Tyler, S., 2004. "Community-Based Natural Resource Management: Lessons for B.C." Paper presented at Communities and Natural Resources in Transition Conference. Held at University of Northern British Columbia, Prince George, February 17-18.

  • Tyler, S., 2004. "Governance in Water Resource Management." Introduction and Summary of Panel Presentations. Stockholm International Water Symposium, August 17-21.

  • Tyler, S., 2004. "Participatory Research for Community-Based Natural Resource Management in Asia." In S. Miyata, M. Tada and O. Koyama (eds.) Prospects for Food Security and Agricultural Sustainability in Developing Regions: New Roles of International Collaborative Research. Tsukuba, Japan: Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences.


  • Vandergeest, P., K. Phanvilay, Y. Fujita, J. Fox, P. Hirsch, P. Van Estirik, C. Withayapak, and S. Tyler, 2003. "Flexible Networking in Research Capacity-Building at National University of Laos: Lessons for North-South Collaboration." Canadian Journal of Development Studies 24(1): 119-135.


  • Egan, B., L. Ambus, B. Evans, D. Boyd, S. Spak, S. Tyler, M. M'Gonigle, and H. Mahony, 2001. When There's A Way, There's a Will, Report 2: "Models of Community-Based Natural Resource Management". Victoria: Eco-Research Chair in Environmental Law and Policy, University of Victoria, April.

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  • Tyler., S., 1999. "Policy Implications of Natural Resource Conflict Management." In D. Buckles (ed.) Cultivating Peace. Ottawa: IDRC, 263-280.