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Publications of Moore, M-L.


  • Overduin, N. & Moore, M-L. (2017). Social license to operate: Not a proxy for accountability in water governance. Geoforum, 85 (2017), 72–81.


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  • Baird, J., Plummer, R., Moore, M-L., & Brandes, O.M. (2016). Introducing Resilience Practice to Watershed Groups: What are the Learning Effects? Society & Natural Resources, 1–16, available online January 26, 2016.



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  • Krievins, K., Baird, J., Plummer, R., Brandes, O.M., Curry, A., Imhof, J., Mitchell, S., Moore, M-L., & Gerger-Swartling, A. (2015). Resilience in a Watershed Governance Context: A Primer. St. Catharines, Canada: Environmental Sustainability Research Centre.


  • Moore, M-L., von der Porten, S., Plummer, R., Brandes, O.M., & Baird, J., 2014. "Water policy reform and innovation: A systematic review." Environmental Science & Policy, available online February 6, 2014.