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Shiri Pasternak, BA, MA

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Shiri Pasternak joined POLIS in 2005. She worked as Associate Director of the Forum on Privatization and the Public Domain and organized "The Commons Conference," at UVic in April 2006. She then led Property Taskforce, a think-tank dedicated to studying and confronting the barriers individual property rights pose to indigenous sovereignty, ecological governance, and political freedom.

Shiri holds a Master of Arts degree in Cultural, Social and Political Thought from the University of Victoria. She is currently completing her doctoral degree at the University of Toronto in the Program of Planning, Department of Geography. Her dissertation is on the Algonquins of Barriere Lake and the land claims process in Canada from the perspective of Indigenous law and jurisdiction. Other research interests include the history and current policies promoting the privatization of reserve lands, economic implications of Aboriginal Title, and criminalization of Indigenous land defenders. She is a founding member of Barriere Lake Solidarity, a member of the Indigenous Sovereignty and Solidarity Network in Toronto, and an ally in the Defenders of the Land network. She has had work published in the Canadian Journal of Law and Society and the Canadian Journal of Native Studies. She also publishes in, the Media Coop, and other open access journals.

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