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Anna Johnston

Research Assistant

Anna Johnston is an undergraduate student at the University of Victoria in Geography and Writing, with a previous degree in English. Her main area of academic interest is the marriage of sustainable development at the community, national and international levels. At POLIS, she works on social issues such as intangible heritage rights of Indigenous peoples and community-based research, and hopes to pursue a legal career related to these fields. She is also currently working at the Aboriginal Research Division of the Attorney General, researching Aboriginal Rights and Title issues in British Columbia. Anna is co-editor with Kelly Bannister on two recent publications, Culture, Heritage and Intellectual Property Rights: Current Opportunities and Challenges for Indigenous Communities, a session proceedings from the World’s Indigenous Peoples Conference held in Kelowna, October 2002, and Proceedings of the University of Victoria Workshop on Community-Based Research held in June 2006. Anna was recently accepted to law school at UVic for Fall 2007!

Page last updated: 09/15/2008