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Cross-Canada Checkup: A Canadian Perspective on Our Water Future

Date Published: 2012

Full Reference:

Baltutis, J., T. Shah, O.M. Brandes, N. Goucher, D. Harford, and R. Sandford, 2012. Cross-Canada Checkup: A Canadian Perspective on Our Water Future. Victoria/Vancouver: POLIS Project on Ecological Governance, University of Victoria/Adaptation to Climate Change Team, Simon Fraser University.


Capturing the national pulse on water, the report is a synthesis of themes, perspectives, and information from the Forum for Leadership on Water's fall 2011 cross-Canada water discussion series tour. It illustrates the interrelatedness of many water issues common to all Canadians, and documents the growing need for solutions that transcend chronic jurisdictional challenges. It also explores the Northwest Territories’ groundbreaking new water stewardship strategy as a model for water policy reform in the rest of Canada.

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