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Me an expert? Reflections on environmental policy research and advocacy

Tony Maas

February 9th at 12 noon
Hutt Building Rm 234

Guelph Geography Speaker Series
University of Guelph

In 2003, POLIS launched the Urban Water Demand Management project, which as since evolved into its current form - the Water Sustainability Project ( Through applied policy research, targeted advocacy and effective communication, the 'water' team has worked to transform urban water management from a supply-dominated toward a demand-management paradigm. Moving forward, the team is using these same tools to promote and apply concepts such as "soft paths" and "watershed governance" to Canadian water policy.

This talk draws on the experiences of the first three years of the Water Sustainability Project, discussing the incubation of ideas, integration of academia and activism, and strategies for targeted advocacy and effectively communicating to groups from citizens to policy makers. It also highlights some of the future projects POLIS water researchers have on the books, and discusses the challenges of doing policy research in the NGO sector.

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